Social Q: Pulling It All Together

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Pulling it all together.

In a hurry before guests arrive? The Mostess Signature Blanket Scarf is the perfect grab and go winter accessory!

The Mostess Signature Blanket Scarf and Four ways to effortlessly update your decor!

  • Living Room Refresh: Drape over your sofa, accent chair, or side table  for an instant seasonal update.
  • Festive Bar Cart: Fold blanket scarf in half and use as a base of color and texture on your holiday bar cart!
  • Cozy Up Outside: Use as an outdoor blanket to create a warm ambiance.
  • Complement Evergreens: Our blanket scarf pairs splendidly with evergreens - either on a wreath or wrapped at the base of a Christmas tree.

This Social Q comes from our Winter 2016 Box, released in November 2016.

Social Q: Spend More Time with Guests

Spend more time enjoying company.

Display beverages that are easy for guests to serve themselves.  Both our Mostess Mulled Wine and the Winter Warm Up can be prepared on your stove top beforehand. Place a ladle and appropriate glassware in a convenient location for guests. Offering self-serve beverages allows the host to spend more time enjoying the company of guests.

This Social Q comes from our Winter 2016 Box, released in November 2016.

Social Q: The Bar Cart


-Create a simple, yet stunning bar cart. This doesn’t have to be an actual bar cart- you can change the personality of any table in your home by purposing it with signature bar cart items.

-Drape the Mostess Signature Table Runner on the surface. Display drink garnishes with the Rosanna Dore Nesting Bowls, (I love using oranges and the Bourbon Cocktail Cherries). Place taller items, like decanters and cocktail shakers, near the back. Set glasses and napkins in the front to encourage guests to serve themselves.

-Even though this set-up is impressive, it takes no time at all! Put the middler next to your glasses as a conversation piece. Final touch: light the Stella candle and place the matching hand soap in the restroom for your guests!

This Social Q comes from our Founder's Box, released in October 2016.

Social Q: Greet with a Drink

Greet with a drink

Always offer a beverage to help guests settle in. This takes the pressure off navigating a drink off your guests and gives you some control over the social setting. From here, you can easily strike up a conversation while getting them their drink and seamlessly introduce them to the rest of your guests.

This Social Q comes from our Summer 2016 Box, released in June 2016.

Social Q: Welcoming Atmosphere

Welcoming Atmosphere

The first goal of any host is to make your guests feel warm and welcomed the second you greet them, especially since guests might have gone out of their way to arrive (for example:leaving work early, fighting traffic, arranging for childcare).

Try to greet each guest with a sincere thank you and welcome. Even if it’s someone you see regularly, an inviting welcome is a staple for any modern host.

Offer to take their belongings (coats, umbrella, bag) and place it out of the way in a closet or bedroom. This allows for guests to feel comfortable and also leave their hands free to hold a beverage or shake hands and greet other guests.

This Social Q comes from our Summer 2016 Box, released in June 2016.

Social Q: Brunch Basics


  • Create two stations, one for food and one for beverages. For example, a dining table for food and your kitchen counter with drinks.
  • Dress it up. Display your Mostess Signature Summer Table Runner under your food station to help define and dress up your station. Add a vase of fresh flowers for an extra special touch.
  • What to serve: we recommend offering one main dish, such as French toast or omelets, and at least two side dishes. Don’t worry about the side dishes- keep it simple with the Palm Sugar Pineapple salad and the Jacobson Co. Guacamole & Salt.
  • Offer your guests a signature drink. (We recommend the Mostess Tipsy Flamingo!) For other beverages, always keep coffee, tea and ice water available for your guests. Don’t forget that the Palm Sugar makes a great sweetener for both coffee and tea.

This Social Q comes from our Summer 2016 Box, released in June 2016.

Social Q: Sweets


Offer a twist on dessert: Vanilla ice cream and Jack rudy Bourbon Cocktail Cherries, garnish with pieces of chocolate, pistachios, or a cookie. For an added touch of sweetness, drizzle with honey. And there you have a gorgeous, effortless dessert! Want to save some time? Before guests arrive, scoop ice cream into small bowls or juice glasses and place them in your freezer for later. Yum!

This Social Q comes from our Spring 2016 Box, released in March 2016.