10 Destinations That Should Top Your Summer Bucket List


Now that summer has officially begun, summer travel is on our minds! And when it comes to travel this time of year, the only places topping my list are those that have beaches. Because what's a summer vacation without one, right? 

Lucky for us, most of these places are just a quick plane ride away, within the United States! And each one is unique and beautiful in their own right. 

So, keep on scrolling for the 10 places topping my summer travel bucket list, and then I'd love to hear where you'd like to go!

Cape Cod_Forbes.jpg

Cape Cod (image)

Charleston_USA Today.jpg

Charleston (image)

Coeru d _Jane Sees the World.jpg

Coeur d’Alene (image)

East Hampton_Idyll Exporer.jpg

East Hampton (image)

Harbour Island Bahamas_Conde Nast Traveler.jpg

Harbour Island (image)

Lake Tahoe_road trippers.jpg

Lake Tahoe (image)

Martha's Vineyard_Art Bar Blog.jpg

Martha's Vineyard (image)

Napa Valley_Instagram.jpg

Napa Valley (image)

Pebble Beach Carmel_Lace and Grace Blog.jpg

Carmel (image)

Rosemary Beach_Coastal Living.jpg

Rosemary Beach (image)

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