More Than Just a Pitcher


We first want to say we are so thrilled you're as excited about the Spring Box as we are! The response has been great, and we are counting down the seconds until we start shipping them out. Remember you can reserve yours here.

And for the next few weeks, we're going to walk you through the box in detail, product by product, starting with the Bloomingville Stoneware Embossed Pitcher

As this entire box was inspired by a garden party, you'll notice that this pitcher is equal parts fresh, minimal, organic, and functional. 

For starters, we adore the embossed "water" on the front. So simple, but so fabulous!

Now, in terms of how and when to use this pitcher. The answer is however you'd like and any time you want! Really, it's so versatile.


1. Water Pitcher

To begin, you can use this pitcher just as it states...for water! As you see, for this set up, we poured sparkling water into it along with some lemon. No longer do you need to fill up your guests' glasses from the sink. Pour from your new pitcher!


2. Cocktail Pitcher

Slightly more exciting than water, use this pitcher for cocktails! It might say "water" on it, but be a rebel and fill it with sangria at your next party!


3. Vase in the Kitchen + Living Room

We love using unexpected items for vases. And we absolutely adore putting flowers into this pitcher. Select ones with slightly longer stems, and they just look so fresh coming out the top. Try this next time you pick up flowers at the store.


4. Vase in the Bedroom

Another great option is to put this vase in your bedroom or a guest room. Of course, flowers are always a nice treat to see when you wake up in the morning, and simply place them on your nightstand or on a tray on the bed. A beautiful touch!

See, much more than just a pitcher, indeed! How else do you use your pitchers? 

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