Simple Savory: The Appetizer Tray

For a casual gathering or before dinner, I always offer guests something savory to snack on.

My go-to, never fail, attraction is an appetizer tray. 

Set up and clean up is a snap!  Follow these easy steps (takes about 10 minutes) for the ultimate “pin” worthy crowd-pleaser!

5 Minute Shopping List

  • Wedge of cheese
    I love serving Brie because of its soft texture and ability to pair with tart and salty foods, but any mild flavored cheese will do. 

  • Sausage
    I lean towards a flavorful popular type like Sopressata.  Tip: look for pre-sliced meat to save prep time. 

  • Crackers
    Forget the saltines...I grab crackers with a little flavor on them, like cracked pepper or herbs.
  • Nuts
    Almonds, walnuts, or pecans all pair well with cheese and meat.
  • Optional: Rosemary, honey, and an apple

5 Minute Set Up & Display


  • Tray, serving platter, or cheese board
  • Cheese knife (or a butter knife)
  • Napkins or small appetizer dishes

Put your simple foods to work 

Mentally divide your tray into sections and carefully place each food (cheese, meat, crackers, and nuts) in its own section.

Once items are displayed, dazzle by placing a few springs of rosemary and slices of apple on the tray.  For an added touch, drizzle honey on the cheese or place in a small dish with spoon.  Set napkins, appetizer dishes and cheese knife to the left of the tray.  You are ready to host! 

Social Q

Place your tray in an area where guests can comfortably gather.  In my home, guests tend to gather in our living room, so I casually set my tray on the coffee table.  It usually ends up being a conversation starter! De-clutter your coffee table by removing personal items and reading materials.  This appetizer tray complimented by a glowing candle or low profile vase of flowers is all you need!