Jam Session

At Mostess headquarters we constantly strive to delight and surprise you with items both classic and current.

For our Spring Box, we have included an old-fashioned kitchen staple that can be counted on to never go out of style. With our Spring Box's variety of unique treats, you can look forward to inviting friends over for a tasty Jam Session!   

Finding the perfect jar of goodness was not a simple task.  We sampled (read: ate way too much) over 20 flavors of jam from all over the country. The winning goodie is made in America, simple to entertain with, has fresh packaging, and a flavor that would please any crowd: Bonnie’s Peach Ginger Jam.

Growing up with the jars of fresh fruit that her mother lovingly preserved, Bonnie was stirred to blend her family tradition with inspirations of jam worldwide. Her remixed jam has not only caught our attention- in 2013, Oprah announced it as one of her favorite things! How did we live the last three years without it?

Jam keeps well in the fridge, and is the perfect complement to toast, cheese, crackers, and ice cream. Bonnie also suggests using her jams for sumptuous glazes on duck, chicken, and ribs.  


Once we decided on the jam, we were full steam ahead on curating the rest of the Spring Box.  Beautiful cheese boards? Check.  Charming cups to display the jam? Check.  Fun, fresh towels to lay under the cheese boards? Check.  Cheese to pair with the jam? CHECK.  The last item listed was our favorite component of the Spring Box.  Yet while it would be logistically impossible (not to mention a tad stinky) to include cheese in the Spring Box, we could do the next best thing: arm you with a list of the finest cheeses that you could easily swing by and get at your local grocery store.  The best part? The Spring Box cheese pairings were picked by Bonnie herself! 

You can find our expert cheese pairings along with other effortless entertaining tips in our Spring Box- available for purchase now.